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Limo Saelens Group provides professional, friendly and experienced drivers with neat, comfortable and safe class vehicles.

Limo Saelens Group takes care of you and your customers and provides the first expert steps in the reception and introduction process. Your norms and values are our norms and values.
Limo Saelens Group propagates your integrity, class and quality.



Driver Services
Our drivers are at your disposal 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
 Discover all the applications and possibilities that we offer, both for business as well as private assignments.

  • B2B passenger transportation

  • Private driver B2B (transportation by own car)

  • B2B Events

  • Transportation of documents

  • Events

  • Shuttle service

  • Ceremonies (wedding, funeral, family event)

Transport by own car (rent a driver)

You do not have to have a driver on the payroll nor take into account holidays, sick leave and such. We provide a customized 24/7, day-to-day service where you can be provided with one or more drivers.


  • The convenience and comfort of your own car

  • No extra wage cost but instead a monthly quotation

  • Flexibility in days and hours (*)

(*) In general a fixed driver will be appointed however in case of unavailability (sick leave, holiday, …) we will provide a substitute driver.
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Do you want your important and confidential documents to be delivered at the addressee in a speedily fashion?
No hassle with filling in online forms or transportation delivery notes? 
One phone call suffices to make an appointment and to make use of our professional services.
You are in full knowledge of when your documents will be picked up and delivered by our drivers… without hassle!


Transport of documents


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