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Our fleet consists of Mercedes and Audi vehicles that are at the most 3 to 4 years young.

When purchasing vehicles the following three pillars are fundamental: 

  • Comfort 

  • Safety

  • Environmentally friendliness 


If you wish to have additional information in regards to our three pilars you can consult the seperate pages: Comfort / Safety / Environmental friendliness 

An overview of our immediately available vehicles:

Mercedes Vito : 11
Mercedes V - class ‘Conference’ : 2
Mercedes E - class : 1
Mercedes CLS – class : 1
Audi A8 : 1
Audi A6 : 1

Thanks to our partnerships there are more than 50 vehicles available at the same time.
Live traffic information
Our vehicles are equipped with current knowledge in regards to traffic information. Both TomTom professional as well as Waze systems are being used.
Track & trace systeem
Due to this system our dispatch is informed 24/7 of where every vehicle is located, furthermore this makes it possible to immediately adjust and fine-tune the planning, if required.


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